Domestic Violence in America

A Serious Problem That Needs To Stop

A Look At Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs in every society around the world. Over a million women in the United States alone are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner every year. No society is immune to this problem and they all continue to suffer with their share of domestic violence cases. There are usually sufficient resources available to assist victims of domestic violence and a legal system to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes.

Victims of Domestic Violence

Any person, whether a man or a woman, who is experiencing any form of domestic violence from an intimate partner should seek help as soon as possible. If a victim feels there is risk of injury, he or she should call 911 immediately and then seek assistance from a domestic violence shelter. In most states, victims can get an Emergency Protective Order for 14 days until a court hearing takes place to hear the case. If evidence proves a victim is in danger, the Domestic Violence Order will take effect.

Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence calls are taken very seriously by law enforcement everywhere. Once a victim obtains a protective order against the domestic violence offender, the offender must follow the conditions of the protective order or face being arrested and doing jail time. Protective orders usually include no communication with the petitioner; no more acts of violence or abuse; and staying away from the petitioner’s work, school, and residence. This order also applies to any children involved as well.

Moving on after Domestic Violence

When reconciling with a domestic violence perpetrator is not possible, even after a separation period, a victim must take steps to completely break ties with him or her and move on with life. This step is not always easy and sometimes can be very complicated. In the U.S., there are resources available to help victims recover and start a new life including trauma therapists and support groups. Experienced divorce attorneys can assist with protecting a victim’s interests during the divorce process.

Take Action Against Domestic Violence

If you’ve been struggling as a victim of domestic violence, know that there is a way out. Stay close with family members who support your recovery and take steps to end the abuse forever. If you are a perpetrator of domestic violence, identify that you have a problem and get help as soon as possible. Taking steps early may save your relationship and keep you out of jail.

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